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Re: Documents in 2 homes via NFS

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 15:56 +0200, Thomas Widhalm wrote:
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> Hi!
> I have to Linux Distributions on clients within my network. It SuSE 10.0
> and Fedore Core 5. Some users switch from one to another. I mount /home
> from a nfs- server and have nis enabled. As it is no good to mount the
> same home into two differen distributions I made a /home/fc5 directory
> within the nfs- server and make seperat homes for the fc5 users in there
> and mount it as /home on fc5.
> What I need is the directory /home/Documents within the /home/user and
> /home/fc5/user to be in sync. There are few enough users to make a
> solution by hand. I tried a symlink, but unfortunately the clients can't
> follow, because the target isn't mounted on fc5 clients anyway. (link
> was /home/user/Documents to /home/fc5/user/Documents) And I can't
> hardlink a directory.
> In short I need a client to follow a link to a directory which is not
> mounted on it, but just available on the server.
> Is there any other solution, you would suggest?

Yes. Don't put your users's physical directories in /home, but somewhere
else and make /home an automount mountpoint.

Then you can implement an /etc/auto.home automounter map similar to
user1 suse1:/users/user1
user2 suse1:/users/user2
user3 fc1:/users/user3

Then users will have see /home/userN as $HOME transparently and
independent of the machine and OS they are logged into.

However, as others already mentioned, SuSE's ~/.* and logins scripts
aren't necessarily FC/RH compatible and vice-versa. Getting this
functional would require further steps to get this working. 


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