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Re: slow FC4 to FC5 upgrade

Henry Hartley wrote:
Henry Hartley wrote:

Henry Hartley wrote:
Well, on my (very old and slow) pentium 200, I'm into my second
day and it's working on disc 2.  Remaining time is currently
estimated as 11,985 minutes (over 8 days).

For the record, I did NOT include ide=nodma when I started this.
At 4:00 (3.5 hours later) I was asked for disc 3 and the estimated
time remaining was down to a "reasonable" 3,235 minutes.  At 4:15 I
got an error saying it could not read
xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-15-100dpi-7.0-3.noarch.rpm and I get one
option - [Reboot].  No choice to skip that package or to replace
the CD and try again.  Just reboot.  Sweet.

I took out CD number 3 and rebooted.  The system started up and appears
to be FC5 but of course, I know that there are a significant number of
un-updated packages.  I checked the yum repositories and they seem to be
right so I ran yum update.  After a fairly lengthy time of going through
all the packages that were to updated, if finally died after complaining
that three packages required older versions of things that were to be
updated.  These were iiimf-qt, iiimf-le-sum-thai, and lvm2-cluster.  I
guessed that I could do without those so I "yum removed" them.  That
went fine.

Now, a yum update goes through, finds 981 packages to update and runs
the transaction test.  Unfortunately, it ends with an error:

memory alloc (4 bytes) returned NULL

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Is your swap space turned on?


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