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[Answer] Re: [Non-Scientific]TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS

Ali Helmy said:
> COME ON... USE TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS... What's so hard to get into your
> brains with it? Add a [TAG] about your mail's content in the subject field,
> so I (and anyone else) can easily pick the mails we want and dont want to
> read...
What kind of things should need tags? The only time I put a tag on my subject
lines is when I get an issue fixed, so I put "[Fixed]" or "[Resolved]" in my
subject line as a reply; or I prepend "[OT]" to my subject if it's off-topic
but still appropriate for this list. Otherwise, the subject line on its own
should be a sufficient visual cue.

You can skim the subjects and, if you don't want to read
it, you don't have to. Also, most modern mail clients have threaded-view
capability, so it's easy to expand or collapse a thread or one of its child
threads as you need to, which helps keep clear the listing of mails.

> Currently less than 40% of our mails in the recency have been tagged... is
> it really that difficult?
Difficulty is not the concern. Usefulness of such a request is, however...

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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