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Re: firefox problem

On 3/31/06, David Pettersson <david_pettersson bredband net> wrote:

I saved my home directory under FC3 to a DVD. Then I installed FC5 and
moved my .mozilla file on the DVD to my new home directory. When I try
to start firefox I get an error msg telling me that firefox "is already
running, but is not responding". There is no file in .mozilla to that
match *lock*. If I remove .mozilla firefox starts but then I lose my
valueable bookmarks and passwords.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I did.  a little 'sudo chown username:username -R .*' solved it.

I came to think of the problem with the DVD renaming files (so .mozilla
is actually _mozilla on the DVD and I had to rename it when copying it
back). Do anyone have a list of filenames from .mozilla/firefox in FC3
to send me, so I can see how to rename them back if this should be the


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James A Barrows
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