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Re: broadcom wireless

Josh Coffman <josh_coffman yahoo com> writes:
> ehm... i use 4318 with 2.6.16, and absolutly no real
> problem
> (sometimes i must bring eth down, up, down to put in
> monitor mode, but
> hey it's work!).
> I read this ml to stay updated to release and news,
> but if i can help
> ask without problem.
> The card works for Florian and me, so seem like the
> drivers is good,
> but some config broken it....

In my case I don't see any eth1 show up, so I can't even 
ifconfig down/up the interface.

> You may need to build the bcm43xx driver from more
> recent source. maybe even use their fwcutter util to
> pull the softmac info out of the windows driver.

While the laptop came with all the ms-windows stuff (and the wireless
works under ms-windows), I don't know enough to even find the broadcom
firmware.  Heck, I dont' even know what they call their find(1)
utility (or if they even have one).  Any hints what the pathname of
the firmware file would be or how I go about finding it?  The
bcm43xx-fwcutter README files assume the reader understands more about
ms-windows than I do.

To the firmware I used the url's at the bottom of the one README.
fwcutter didn't like some of the files claiming they were too old and
it couldn't extract some firmware element.  The firmware from
http://openwrt.inf.fh-brs.de/~nbd/wl_apsta.o seemed new enough that
fwcutter got all it needed, but perhaps that firmware wasn't quite
right either.


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