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OT: bind question

I am setting up a domain on a bind 9 server, I want to forward all of
the subdomains as a CNAME to a different domain.

An example zone file is bellow

@               IN      SOA     ns1.domain.net.
administrator.domain.net. (
                        2006033165 ; serial
                        3600 ; refresh
                        600 ; retry
                        86400 ; expire
                        3600 ; default_ttl
www     3600    IN      A
@               IN      MX      0       ms1.domain.net.
@               IN      MX      0       ms2.domain.net.
@               IN      NS      ns1.domain.net.
@               IN      NS      ns2.domain.net.
@               IN      A
admin   3600    IN      CNAME   www.CCC.com.
*.BBB.com.      3600    IN      CNAME   *.CCC.com.

This seems to work fine. However when A record requests go to BBB.com
and get forwarded to CCC.com they need to keep the specific subdomain
attached to the front of it as it is going to a webserver with virtual
hosts. Without setting up all of the subdomins specificly is there
anyway to accomplish this

Any suggestions welcome 


Steven Lamb
ADI Internet Solutions

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