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Re: FC5 - Intel 945GM not working

Marcel Groner wrote:

I just downloaded i915-20060403-linux.i386.tar.bz2 and installed it and it works replacing "vesa" driver with "i810", thanks alot! I setup xorg with external monitor using the Xinerama option. But it seems that 3D acceleration is not working:

# glxinfo | grep rendering
direct rendering: No

is that because of the Xinerama option or do I have to enable something in my xorg.conf to enable direct rendering?

You can come at this another way. I went to the development repo and got these:


Afterwards i810 was happy and I had some crappy 3D accel ~600fps in glxgears. YMMV! Evil repo munging abominations! Take care if you attempt to duplicate.

xv goes wrong after a few plays of video, still functions but there is a blue halo around stuff and the colours are broken. Still it's clear FC6 will be supporting it if we don't see xorg updates during FC5.


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