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Re: UDEV on FC5

Peter Gordon wrote:

Karl Larsen wrote:

Hi Peter I did make my user name karl a member of uucp but it still can't use /dev/ttyS0 for some reason.

Hmm. Group changes usually require you to log out and log back in again to take effect. Have you tried this?

   Yes I did and know the change in /dev/ttyS0 does work fine. Thank you.

Also it complains that /dev/dsp is busy and can't be used. Does that make sense?

/dev/dsp is for the deprecated OSS/Free sound drivers ("Open Sound System"). OSS/Free had no method of mixing sound if the hardware does not support it. Thus, if one program is using the sound device, it blocks sound I/O from other programs. Its successor, ALSA ("Advanced Linux Sound Architecture") does sound mixing by default (in hardware if its capable, otherwise through a software system called dmix), which means that this is no longer a problem in most - if not all - cases.

It is a problem for this application. The software is called gMFSK and it has many digital devices that use the sound card DSP engine to make the transmitter and receiver. I have several other applications using the DSP and they all fail to function on FC5. This is why I have gone back to FC2. Everything works fine on this version of Fedora. You can read about gMFSK by just putting that in Google.


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