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Re: Gnome Panel Auto-Hide

Bob Chiodini <rchiodin bellsouth net> writes:

> On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 09:56 +0100, Leon wrote:
>> "Ali Helmy" <alihelmy gmail com> writes:
>> > Hey lads,
>> >
>> > I turned on Auto-Hide for my gnome top-panel and then resized the
>> > auto-hide to 0 pxs, and it worked fine... however, when I restarted
>> > the computer and logged back in, it doesn't work anymore... turning
>> > auto-hide on or off has no effect what so ever, and it stays this way
>> > and i cant get it to function again
>> Likely a bug.
>> -- 
>> Leon
> Ali and Leon,
> I see situations where the auto-hide capability stops functioning after
> starting some apps.  VMWare comes to mind.  Usually I can click in some
> blank area of the panel and auto-hide starts functioning again, when the
> cursor leaves the panel.
> This is related to the bottom panel.  I've never tried hiding the top
> one.
> Bob...

Thanks for sharing this!

I have seen lots of minor bugs in gnome. That's why I suspect it might
be a bug. Try to update to the latest will clear many of them:-)

BTW, I don't use autohide.


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