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Re: Wired Ethernet Connection at Hotel

On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 09:26 -0400, RICHARD wrote:
> I'm using FC4 on a Dell Inspiron 2200 and connecting through the wired
> ethernet port. I connect all the time through this port at work and also
> connect wirelessly without problem. When I try to connect using the wired
> ethernet port using eth0 at a hotel using the gui interface, it connects
> sort of but I cannot view web pages or do much. I can see that I'm
> assigned an ip (I'm using dhcp) and I can guess at the gateway ip and the
> dns ip. If I create a route to the gateway (either using the route command
> or using the network gui) and enter the dns ip, I can then surf web pages,
> use ssh, etc. The only problem is I have to re-activate the connection
> frequently.
> Any idea on why using dhcp doesn't work more automatically and more
> easily and why I keep losing the connection? I've run into this problem
> before with this laptop at other hotels that used wired ethernet. Wireless
> dhcp works as expected.
>From your description it is very simple.
The hotel network is not set up the same on the wired side as it is on
the wireless side.

You need to complain to them and get them to fix the wired side so DHCP
works the same as it does on the wireless side.  It would be good
business for them to do so, and they will (usually) recognize that once
they know the problem exists. File the complaint at the corporate office
for the hotel chain.

You say this is at several hotels, and the fix will be the same for
each.  If there are several for the same chain you can identify, a
single complaint may get them all taken care of, although, one complaint
per hotel would catch more attention. 

> Rick B.

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