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Re:Wired Ethernet Connection at Hotel

Sorry but I have to use pine via telnet to respond to the replies.

I expected to be re-directed to a startup web page when I tried to use the
browser but that did not happen - nothing happened the first time. I
couldn't get to any web pages or use telnet or ssh. Yet route -r showed
there was some sort of connection and the indicator for the ethernet
connection showed there was some sort of connection (it was flashing and
packets were being sent and received). I guessed at the gateway and dns
and was able to ping them but that was as far as I could go until I used a
route command to specify a default route to the gateway. I can tell from
resolv.conf that dhcp is specifying the dns (yet I wasn't originally able
to surf web pages unles I specified the ip address).

An IT came up last night with his laptop (running Windows of course) and
was immediately able to connect. It stays connected but for some reason
the DNS gets lost and I have to repeatedly re-activate through the gui
network interface.

How can I look at dhcp? When I used to type in all the commands manually
to connect (either wired or wirelessly using ifconfig, iwconfig, dhclient)
dhclient would give me info on the leases. But for some time it doesn't
give me any indication of what is going on.

I'm going to try the service and dig example (but I wanted to send this
first in case it causes any problems with connecting).


Rick B.

Rick Bilonick
mailto:rab nauticom net

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