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Re: How to verify transmission quality & cables on gigabit network?

Don Russell wrote:
Rob wrote:


I have a cluster, master + 8 nodes, connected via
a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switch (model JGS516).

The cables are of CAT5 type.

I assume you mean Cat 5e UTP. If you really mean Cat 5, no, I wouldn't expect it to work well in a gigabit environment.
Cat 5e, on the other hand supports gigabit rates.

Looking at the specs over on
I don't see why CAT5 wouldn't work reasonably well for short
runs. For longer runs, it looks like the cross-talk
might get you if the cable really doesn't meet CAT5e

A quote from that page:

It might seem that CAT5 and CAT5e are the same. Pretty much they are,
the CAT5e specification simply included some additional limits over the
CAT5 specification. The reality is that most CAT5 cable is in fact CAT5e
cable just not certified as such. Here is a comparison of those extra

And this is my experience.



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