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Re: Fedora 5 x86_64 Firefox & plugins.

On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 15:42 -0400, "Malcolm Candlish" wrote:
> Having loaded Fedora 5 X86_64 all is well, but for Firefox w
> hich is so slow as to be unusable. Konqueror on the other ha
> nd goes like lightening. 
> Furthermore, having loaded 'nspluginwrapper' the 32 bit plug
> ins simply will not respond and when I tried to add a plugin
> with the command nspluginwrapper -i the return given was 'T
> his is a directory'. I did install by rpm both nspluginwrapp
> er-0.9.90-1x86_64.rpm and -i386-0.9.90-1.x86_64.rpm. Is ther
> e something that I am missing here. 

I believe what a lot of x86_64 users end up doing is removing
the 64-bit firefox and installing the 32-bit version.

You have to manually create a repo file that points to i386
base and i386 update. You then run

yum remove firefox
yum install firefox.i386

or something like that - and it will pull in 32-bit firefox
with al the 32-bit dependencies.

I've not tried it myself.

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