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Re: FC3 => FC5 upgrade... possible?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Philip Prindeville wrote:

I have a system that was installed as FC3, and has been extensively
reconfigured (added outside repos, etc) and did some source-level
builds and installs.

I'm hoping to find a path to upgrade to FC5, rather than having to
note all my config changes, save all my data, install, reconfigure,
and then restore my data.

Can this be done?

    You can try but you can loose everything. I tried to go from FC2 to FC5 in one step and it cratered the whole thing. It will not come up. I got most of what was important out by mounting it to another linux and bring files and directories over.

    As for FC5 I got it going but it was just too much for me. I could not get it to work right. I am back with FC2 and happy.


It certainly can be done, by upgrading to FC-4 and then to FC-5.
I'm not sure if it can be done in one step,
but I doubt if you will lose anything by trying.


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