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Re: How to read a tarball

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Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 00:03 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> It's worth noting that the less command will do all of this for you on
>> most RH/FC (and other GNU/Linux) systems.  The LESSOPEN variable gets
>> set to call lesspipe.sh in the login process for both bash and csh
>> shells.  So you can just run:
>> $ less file.tar*
> Interesting and useful information.  I just tried it on an RPM, and got
> more useful information than doing "rpm -qlp package.rpm" (permissions,
> ownership, and filesizes were also shown).

Indeed it's very handy.  The things you can do by customizing the
lesspipe.sh script have a lot of cool uses.  One other way I use it is
to have less call an ID3 tag viewer when I run "less whatever.mp3"
(oops, I mean ogginfo and whatever.ogg :).

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