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MySpace Group for Fedora Users and Contributors

I know that many of our users, particularly in our younger user base, are 
members of the MySpace community.  There have been a couple of attempts at 
forming groups in support of Fedora, but they have not been well-maintained.  
As such, I have formed a new group on MySpace in support of Fedora.


Note that this group is not officially endorsed by the Fedora Project, but as 
a strong Fedora Project contributor, I am prepared to maintain it and see 
that it lives up to the standards that are highly regarded in the Fedora 

MySpace has been the focus of some controversy due to the way that some young 
people use it.  I believe that one important aspect of such massive social 
networking services is providing positive venues to outweigh the potentially 
negative materials.  I hope that this group can be one small part of that.

If you are a Fedora user or contributor and a MySpace member, please consider 
signing up for this new group and showing your support for the Fedora Project 
while interacting with one segment of our community at the same time.

You might also be interested in our Frappr group, which shows where Fedora's 
users and contributors are scattered throughout the world.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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