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Re: Aprox 50 failed http and DVD installs of FC5 with kernel panics (bugzilla'd and willing to debug)

Dave Russell wrote:

I've raised a bugzilla case, but so far no joy.... can anyone help, or suggest anything else I should try?


Here's hoping.

Well unfortunately I've still had very little luck here.

I'm pushing 50-60 installs now, in various modes with various options and I'm still unable to install a stable FC5 system.

The current rawhide tree installs fine, but that then falls over fairly quickly with ext3 journal aborts and read-only mounted filesystems. That suggests that while the installer kernel bug may be fixed, the underlying problem may not be (my own wild speculation).

Every kind of diagnostic output that I can think of is available (lspci, dmesg, anaconda.syslog, install.log.syslog) via the bugzilla item 189570.

Does anyone have any knowledge of rebuilt FC5 iso's with the latest errata kernel? Or failing that, the commands I'd need to use

I'm really hoping that someone can shed some light on the situation, or at least point me in the right direction so I can make some headway on my own.

So here's fishing for help....



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