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Re: Fedora Core 5 + WinXP Pro

During the Fedora installation look under advanced boot loader options and check the wait time for how long Grub displays the option of going to the boot menu.  The problem might be that windows is set to be the default OS and the time Grub display the boot menu option is 0 second in which case you would not see it and windows would boot.
I have a similar setup only I have FC4 (I haven't had time to install FC5)
This might help and it might not

On 4/16/06, Adam Tunbridge <iamadam bulldoghome com> wrote:
I get the feeling dual-boot systems are a /dirty /subject round here but
needs must I'm afraid. Right, I'm having issues loading Fedora Core 5. I
have 2 hard-drives:

80GB  (we'll call this /D1/)
100GB (we'll call this /D2/)

I started by installing WinXP on /D1/. Then I installed Fedora on /D2,
/using GRUB on the MBR of /D1/. This didn't work.  My system just booted
straight into XP. Then I tried the same but installed GRUB on the first
sector of /D2/. Same result. Now I've just tried the same install but
*without *installing GRUB and tried Acronis OS Selector instead. This
wouldn't event detect the existence of Fedora. I'm a complete noob when
it comes to Linux (Well, partial noob really. Read a few books) so
please explain what I'm doing wrong in moderately simple terms.

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