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Re: FC5 hotplug documentation?

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Is there any documentation for FC5's hotplug?  I need to know the
format/location of the action scripts that get run when a new device gets plugged in.

I have a usb GPS device (it looks like a serial port) that I'd like to
have recognized and have the device permissions automatically set to
allow the user access.  Doing an su to root and "chmod 666
/dev/ttyXXX" every time I plug it in is getting old.

You should look at the udev and HAL documentation. Hotplug is not
really used any more. Chances are, you can do this with a udev rule,
and have it create a /dev/gps symlink at the same time.


Hello Mikkel, I was trying to get a ham radio appliance to work in FC5 and my playing around got me to UDEV and I read all the man and info pages on udev and decided if it takes an understanding of this to use FC5 I will go back to FC2. And that is exactly what I did.

By the way, you say hotplug is no longer used and it is a part of EVERY thought given to UDEV and all that mysterious stuff at /etc/security/*. This stuff really made me wonder what Linux is coming to. I was fat dumb and happy with Red Hat 9. I should have stayed there :-)


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