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fedora-ds install ---> System message bus trashed

Hi all,

I wanted to tryout the fedora ds (directory server) of Redhat and went to the redhat site for explanations. So I downloaded the FC5 version and installed it. After that I used setup from the /opt/fedora-ds/setup directory to configure fds.
Now two things happened:

1. I configured LDAP for authorization, my normal user (not root) got locked out. 2. So I reconfigured so that LDAP was only used for info and when logging on as a normal user I got the message from GNOME that the system bus was not running and needed to be started.
3. So I restarted.
4. Now I can not boot into FC5, because the startup hangs when "starting System Message Bus".

Does anyone know what I did wrong? Or what I can do to rectify the misstake I made?
Or maybe how to diagnose what is wrong?
Also how do you change the settings for the system message bus?

Finally, I wonder why this package is no part of Fedora Extras?

A.J. Bonnema
Writing from XP, because my FC5 is down
So my signature is also hidden from view.

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