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RE: Laptop Display Problems

Rather than download individual files, set up bittorrent
(http://www.bittorrent.com/) and use it to pull in either the CD-ROM
images or a DVD image. (I prefer the DVD images, but you may not.) It
will take a while, but the nice thing about bittorrent is that it has
redundancy; should your connection go down it will pick up where it
left off. Also, you can throttle it if need be. Do expect at least a
day for the download, though.

You may burn the images. If you have an extant Linux installation,
look for k3b or xcdroast. If you aren't sure what to do, let us know
which program you have; someone here should be able to walk you
through. Be sure to burn the images as images, not as one monster file
in a new image.

You may also use the images to perform a network installation by
setting up another box as a local yum repository (my preferred method;
http://www.charlescurley.com/yum.html). It's more work to set up but
pays off in ease of upgrades and updates later on.

And there are vendors out there from whom you can buy CDs (and
probably DVDs by now). cheapbytes.com is one; others exist.


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Thanks for all the advice! I will download bittorrent and give it a try.

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