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Re: A question about acpi suspend.-follow-up

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Ok, but as I say in a separate message how exactly does one wake the
> machine up. I used the script that was posted here which dos the supend
> things you indicate but i can't wake the machine up. How is that done?
> Why does fedora not come with a suspend and wake up function that does
> the right thigs? Noy just because this is built in to Windows but it
> because it makes sense. For example how does one find out that:
> echo mem > /sys/power/state
> will cause the processor to suspend. Is there a similar wake up
> sequence.

Waking up the machine depends on the machine. The BIOS normally
wakes up the machine, and this can vary between laptops. (Even in
Windows.) I have a Toshiba laptop that will wake up with ether the
power button, or opening the lid. I have an older Thinkpad that will
only wake up if you hit the power switch. I have also used laptops
that would wake up if you hit any key on the keyboard. Exactly what
wakes up the laptop may be a setting in the BIOS, or you may have to
run a setup program to set things up.

On a lot of machines, you have to install a utility package specific
to that laptop before it works right in Windows. This sometimes
prevents you from upgrading Windows on the laptop because the
utility does not work on the newer version of Windows. Because you
usually don't have the program for Linux, you end up having to do a
bit more configuration to make it work.

Now, it can get even more interesting setting up hibernation - a lot
of laptops create a file that the BIOS uses to store the information
during hibernation. Few laptops have Linux utilities to create this
file, and tell the BIOS about it. But Linux does have suspend to
disk option that will use the swap partition to save the
information. You have to use the resume= option in your kernel
command line when you boot. This causes the kernel to check that
partition for resume information at boot, and if it finds it, it
will then restore from there.


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