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Re: selinux is stopping flashplayer, need magic incantation to fix its perms

Take a look at this for your flash issue.


On 5/2/06, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
Greetings from a motel room in the UP of MI.

2 problems, first I've not had the missus shut down fetchmail yet at
home, so there's about a 40% chance the home box will catch and delete a
reply, so if you can send if twice with a few seconds between the sends,
I'll stand a much better chance of getting the reply.  I'll fix that
later tonight once I know this is going to work.

1. See the subject, I thought I'd printed that out and brought it along
but apparently not.  My bad. :(

2. How can I shut the *&%%$ touchpad off on this HP lappy, I have a blue
tooth mouse plugged in too, but any time my hand gets anywhere near this
pad, I have NDI where the next character I type might wind up.  Lets
just say the results can be interesting...

Cheers, Gene

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