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Button/power: acpid/GNOME/FC5

Hey all,

I've recently setup acpid on my FC5 to execute a script when the button/power
is pressed. I did that using /etc/acpi/ files, as I did previously for the lid
events and so on.

The funny thing is that it worked. Why funny? 'cause usually on the FC5 GNOME
desktop, pressing the power button raises a "Are you sure you want to log
out" GNOME dialog, w/ logout/shutdown/restart buttons.

In fact I got my custom script to be executed few times, until I rebooted,
and now I get the GNOME thing again. I remember that I implemented the custom
shutdown script when the GNOME thing stopped working.

Any idea why I got my custom event some times and now the GNOME thing is
back? Or why the GNOME shutdown dialog was not working anymore? FYI I'm
running a custom kernel (FC5 config minus everything that I don't need).



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