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Re: Fedora Core on Dell Latitude D810

   1) IrDA (need smc2_ircc parameters to work)
   2) Sound buttons (http://lineak.sourceforge.net/ will help you)
   3) ipw2200 led
   4) modem (linuxant hsfmodem driver works).

I'm not with the laptop, and I can't send you more "ticks".

Only a question, I have the sense that hd and dvd burns are too slow, and
I'm using scsi-sata drivers for them (hd and dvd), ¿Do you need to pass
any boot parameters to kernel or add any parameters to modules at load


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El Mie, 3 de Mayo de 2006, 10:23, wwp escribió:
> Hello D810'ers,
> I know only very few people running Fedora Core on Dell Latitude D810
> laptops, but I think it could be interesting to share experiences.
> I started w/ FC3, and now run FC5. The only thing I still miss is the
> Hibernate blue key, not available thru ACPI events. I got everything
> working
> fine (incl. ATI X600 video card w/ fglrx driver, suspend to ram/disk,
> ipw2200
> wifi, DMA for CD/DVD drive; but modem/PCCard/SmartCard still untested).
> Does anyone face other hardware problems or any difficulty w/ such laptop,
> running Fedora Core?
> Regards,
> --
> wwp
> --
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