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Re: ACPI and hotplug issues on a Dell laptop

Hello Richard,

On Wed, 3 May 2006 10:01:47 -0500 "Richard Pickett" <Richard Pickett CSRTechnologies com> wrote:

> With fc5 when I would suspend (either with dell's button or from the
> gnome menu) it would say "Suspending =======." and I would get an error
> indication that a module or running process couldn't be suspended but it
> would go ahead and suspend. When I would re-activate the same
> "Suspending ====" screen would pop up, then the screen would black out
> and the system would freeze. Total lockup even though the power light is
> on. I went through the rc.d scripts and turned off everything that I
> didn't need, tried it again and it worked intermittently. I didn't get
> the message that a process couldn't be suspended, but it would lock up
> the same when it was waking up.
> The usb hotplug doesn't work well either. Everything is ok if you plug
> the device in and never take it out. As soon as you take it out the
> system locks up. Mouse won't move, etc.
> I'd really like to stay with fc5 if I can clear these issues up and have
> the time and patience to work with it. But I just don't know where to
> start. I've googled but the most I've found are just other people
> complaining about similar problems and not really any fixes (other than
> announcements that fc5 would fix sleep/awake problems with dells).
> All suggestions are welcome.

I have successful experience w/ Inspiron 8200 and Latitude D810 under FC3/5,
no Latitude CSx.

It would be nice to check at /var/log/message to get more information about
what goes wrong when you suspend or resume. Is it a stock kernel? Maybe it
would worth using swsuspend2 (w/ a custom kernel), anyway there's things to
investigate before.

Also, what USB devices are you attempting to unplug? Are they devices that
you can safely unplug (mouse?) and some that freeze your system?



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