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Re: Procmail battles

Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
I found that I can execute a ~/.procmailrc script (the backup script
from procmailex) on an FC4 system configured to run dovecot but the
same script does not run at all on an FC5 system with no IMAP server
configured.  My gut feel is that I have done something to the FC4 mail
configuation (many moons ago) that I have not done with the FC5 system
and that IMAP is a non-issue.  I test the script by sending myself a
message and look for the message to be stored in the $MAILDIR/backup
directory.  I do see the message in /var/spool/pmr so sendmail is
doing it's part.  Here's the script, fwiw:


:0 c

:0 ic
| cd backup && rm -f dummy ‘ls -t msg.* | sed -e 1,32d‘

Are there any logs that might yield some insight?

How do you receive your email, i.e. how does it end up going through procmail?

Check for sensible (e.g. not group or world writeable permissions on your home directory or .procmailrc).

Try adding:


to your ~/.procmailrc after the MAILDIR=/home/pmr/mail line.

Then look in /home/pmr/mail/procmail.log after a delivery attempt.


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