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RE: Problem with mounting hard disk after FC5 installation

I've run into the same problem where I have an old hard drive with an EXT3
partition what cannot be mounted following the FC5 install.  Note that
this same partition will mount fine using Knoppix or older versions of

I recently installed FC5 on my main machine.  This machine used to run
FC4, but this was not an install.  I dropped two new 160GB SATA drives
into the machine and performed a clean install.  Prior to the install I
backed all of my important data files up to an old 40GB IDE drive.  I am
using both software RAID and LVM on the new install, but everything went
smoothly with that.  The only issue is that the EXT3 partition on the old
40GB drive cannot be mounted.  It produces and error as follows:

"mount: /dev/hde1 is not a valid block device"

This IDE drive is connected to an HPT302 IDE controller card, but the last
time I had problems with a card of this type was several years ago.

I've been down the SE Linux road, and that doesn't seem to be the issue.

Any other ideas?

-- Brian

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