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Re: ACPI and hotplug issues on a Dell laptop

Hello Richard,

On Wed, 3 May 2006 14:37:21 -0500 "Richard Pickett" <Richard Pickett CSRTechnologies com> wrote:

> > Good news on the suspend. Reading a recent post I saw someone using
> > pm-hibernate and tried it myself. That worked like a charm. I'll keep
> > banging on that one for a little while and make sure it is consistent,
> > but it looks like that problem is solved.
> > 
> update on the suspend.
> On my laptop when you use the Fn+suspend it creates two acpi events, I
> guess one is "go to sleep" and another is "restore". What was happening
> was it would save state fine, but when I turned it back on it would
> resume then immediately suspend again, but this time the old suspend way
> (where it didn't actually write out memory or anything like that, just
> say "Suspending: =====" and then turn off). And just like it used to,
> when I turn it back on from that it freezes.
> So I just capture both events to make it work right:
> /etc/acpi/events/hibernate.conf
> event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000001
> action=/usr/sbin/pm-hibernate
> /etc/acpi/events/false-hibernate.conf
> event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000002
> action=/bin/true

Funny. It's like if you were pressing it twice quickly :-\. Good that you've
found a workaround, anyway!



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