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Grub not found


I am trying to help a friend install Linux for the first time as a dual
boot using two hard drives.  For FC5 I keep getting "ERROR: no operating
system found." on the first re-boot.

WindowsXP pro is on hda; hdc contains FC5.

BIOS is set to boot hdc first.  Grub is installed in /boot/grub/.
grub.conf appears to be written correctly with Linux as the default.

Installation went smoothly; used the new installation with just the
productivity packages and let anaconda do the formatting and

Have tried commenting out rhgb and starting Linux from the rescue disk.

I am sure stupidity is involved but I can't figure out if its mine, the
old IBM PIII's or FC5's.  IBM's BIOS recognized and has run both disks
in the past (e.g. this morning).

Any answers, suggestions where to start looking/fixing greatly

I have searched the list; I might have mis-posed the question.

Regards Bill 

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