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Re: 2.6.16-1.2107_FC5.i686 internet performance

On 5/3/06, Dave Jones <davej redhat com> wrote:
On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 09:35:28PM +0200, Vassilios Kotoulas wrote:
 > hi,
 > > > I use ppp to connect to the internet. Has anybody noticed the same
 > > > issues? Any Idea how to fix this?
 > > I would suggest going back to the previous kernel.  In the past 24
 > > hours I've seen a number of posts concerning problems with that
 > > kernel.  I'll be waiting for the next release unless someone can
 > > positively assertain that the problem is isolated to a few users.
 > > Unless this release is offering a feature or a security patch that is
 > > a must, best avoid any further headaches by skipping that version of
 > > the kernel.
 > this does surely work ;) this leads me to my next question. with the
 > next yum kernel update my 2nd oldest kernel (the only one known to work
 > good) will be removed. how can I avoid this?

If you're running that known-good kernel at the time you do the
yum update, yum won't remove it.



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I have a default FC5 setup as far as keeping other kernels goes.  I
know that when a new kernel is installed it automatically edits grub
to put it as the default kernel on next boot, and the current kernel
running is left in grub.conf as well.  I then go in and edit grub.conf
and simply comment out the previous kernel (being the one currently
running when upgrading to the new kernel).   When a 3rd revision of
the kernel comes around I install that one and then remove the 3rd
generation kernel and its commented entry in grub.conf, then comment
out the 2nd generation kernel.  This way if I run into issues I simply
boot with a rescue or live CD and edit grub.conf, removing the
commented line and putting that kernel as the default boot.  Perhaps
not the most efficient way to do this, but for a single dual boot home
system it works well enough for me.  I realize I could simply leave
that line uncommented and it would cause no issues, just list a third
boot option in grub.  But my wife & two young kids also use the
computer so I try and keep it as simple as possible.  Both my kids are
now starting to use Linux (moreso for OpenOffice Impress - I just
haven't told them that I have the Windows version also installed as I
want them to start migrating to Linux and see the benefits of it, even
though they are still elementary school age - all the games on it is
another good sell to get them into it).

Jacques B.

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