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Re: scim chinese input under non GB2312 locale

make sure you have the symbol link at your home dir.

.xinput.d/default -> /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim
At need terminal (email openoffice or xterm), scim can be triggered by ctrl+space.
this works well for me with the LANG locale. I am using gnome.
$ echo $LANG

Good luck

On 5/4/06, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com > wrote:
Jens Petersen wrote:
> Stephen Liu wrote:
>> What I tried to find out is how to start editing Chinese on English
>> locale (in English environment).  I have been searchig around on the
>> Menu and unabled to find it
> To run scim by default in FC5 for non-Asian desktop sessions you need to
> make a symlink into .xinput.d (see the release-notes).

Good point.  This was mentioned at the start of this thread...but not by
Stephen.  I made the mistake of assuming that was known...and that
release notes are actually read.  :-)

BTW, did you go and check the issues with KDE and its lack of ability to
display some Simplified characters such as 钉?

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