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Re: Aprox 50 failed http and DVD installs of FC5 with kernel panics (bugzilla'd and willing to debug)

James Wilkinson wrote:
Dave Russell wrote:
I've raised a bugzilla case, but so far no joy.... can anyone help, or
suggest anything else I should try?

Whoo. You're not having much luck, are you?

Ubuntu works. FC4 works. Rawhide works. And it sounds like a kernel

In your case, I'd recommend that you try a yum upgrade between FC4 and
FC5, then try running with a non-FC5 kernel.

You could try the latest FC4 kernel on FC4, check that that is stable,
then do the upgrade, and try running with the FC4 kernel.

Well after some more testing I return with somewhat worrying news...

I must admit that I didn't use the last 3 (I think) FC4 errata kernels, so it looks like something changed in those...

The initial FC4 kernel appears to be stable (2.6.11-1.1369_FC4) however the very latest FC4 errata kernel is not (2.6.16-1.2107_FC4)

Running bonnie++ under both kernels was fine on the 1389 version, but kernel panic and machine locks up under 2107.

All in all, not a good sign.


	Dave Russell

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