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Linux and Windows SSO


can someone draw a roadmap for Samba&Windows Active Directory
(W2K3 forest and domain native level) heterogeneous system with
single authentication that does not decrease the security (eg by disabling
encryption...., without digging hashes etc.)?
I would appreciate single sign-on against AD. I have read a lot of articles
that I googled and found no single general reference that make most of latest
versions of Samba and AD.

At the same time we need high speed for streaming purposes in 1Gbps
ethernet subnet.

My knowledge of AD is current, but I have had the "Samba time" with old version
2.06 several years ago.... (Without the need to join Windows NT)

I tried graphical settings in FC 5 expecting Kerberos and LDAP.
MS Network Analyzator has revealed many attempts to bind at port
389, but no single Kerberos traffic at port 88.

Your advice is highly appreciated.


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