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Re: sendmail problem

Greetings Mike ,

On Wed, 3 May 2006 18:45 , Mike Kent indystar com sent:

>Hello. I'm using Sendmail installed
>with Fedora 4. I have masquerade set and have done a make and restart and
>it still thinks it's sending as localhost.localdomain as in the output
>below. I'm using define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `ini-wf.indystar.com')dnl in
>sendmail.mc to set macro $j in sendmail.cf just so we get fewer bounces,
>but this isn't an good solution. I would like to get masquerading working
>properly and would appreciate any suggestions.

< snip > 

Well as i recall when i needed to do whatever you did instead of 
messing with sendmail.mc i did the following things 

1 . modified /etc/sysconfig/network to say : 


2. modified /etc/hosts to read  localhost.localdomain localhost ; THIS IS MANDATORY  VOODOO.MASTER.CO.ORG 

then i restarted the network , so it would read the changes 

( service network restart )  

and that did the work .

>============ SYSTEM IDENTITY (after
>readcf) ============
>      (short domain name)
>$w = localhost  

This is wrong , if i understand you correctly this should say

$w=ini-wf  ; Everything up to the first dot.

>  (canonical domain name) $j =

>         (subdomain
>name) $m = localdomain
>  (node name) $k = ini-wf
>sendmail.mc has these entries:

Well am not 100 % certain but i think that the above line should read 


>The top line of /etc/hosts is
>      ini-wf localhost.localdomain localhost

for the /etc/hosts file , either you mistyped or you mean  localhost.localdomain  localhost  ini-wf.indystar.com  ini-wf

In the above lines the first argument is the IP . 
To whom the IP belongs ? 
To the one named on the second argument .
The second argument is the Fully Qualified Domain Name or 
FQDN . It's the complete name to the machine up to the dot which 
would represent the ROOOT DNS Servers . The ROOT DNS Servers represent the 
start ( initial point ) of every host in the internet.
The third argument is the allias .
The allias is a short name that you use to call your machine . 
You can have as many alliases as you wish seperated by commas .

Kind Regards, 

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