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Re: scim chinese input under non GB2312 locale

> The situation is more less the same as while I ran FC2/FC3, about 1 and
> half years ago.  Chinese input on Gnome was possible.  Chinese input on
> KDE was unstable.  Sometime I made it work on Kedit, OOWriter, Mozilla,
> etc.  Another time they failed.  I tried some times without a
> breakthrough.

What I would do is the following....

1.  Login as yourself "satimis".

2.  In a terminal "su -" (don't forget the -) to root.

3.  Create a totally new user.  (I normally just use the "adduser"
command).  For my example I use "testcn".

4.  Then "su - testcn".  At that point do the:

mkdir ~/.xinput.d
cd ~/.xinput.d
ln -s /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim default

procedure.  Do NOT modify any other files.

5.  Then logout totally from your "satimis" account.

6.  Make sure you select "Gnome" as your session and login as testcn.
Again, do not modify any files, do any extra environment settings or

7.  Bring up gnome-terminal and test various input methods.  *IF* that
works fine.  Then, logout, and login again selecting KDE as the session.

I think I asked you what is in your /etc/sysconfig/desktop file...but
you didn't say.


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