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Re: installation problem

this is the configuration

Processor - AMD Athlon 3000+ ,64 bit
MotherBoard - MSI-K8NGM2-IL (939 pin.. Supports Socket 939 for AMD® AthlonT
64 X2 Dual-Core / AthlonT                             64 FX / AthlonT 64
processor. Supports up to 4800+ or higher CPU ,SATA2 )
thank you very much
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Subject: Re: installation problem

Jyothis Mathew Jose wrote:
theire is a problem with fedora installation on my PC
i have a hitachi HDD with SATA2
the problem is "no hard drive found "

Which version of Fedora?

Which chipset do you have (Nvidia, Intel, Via, etc.)? (If you can't tell,
give us a motherboard model name or a PC name, model and vendor).

SATA support has come a long way in the last few revisions of Fedora
(well, the underlying kernel support has come a long way).

Hope this helps,


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