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[Fwd: RE: Problem with mounting hard disk after FC5 installation]

>>OK.  Does it show up in /proc/mounts, by any chance?  (I'm presently
feeling distrustful of mount.)  I'm not sure what partprobe has done --
>> why
>>anything changed.  Does "fdisk -l /dev/hde" (dash ell) output look sane?
> It's not showing in /proc/mounts.  On the other hand the "fdisk -l
/dev/hde" output looks perfectly normal.  Very strange indeed,
especially since it will mount just fine if I use the FC4 kernel or Knoppix.

Here are a few more updates after more troubleshooting.  Removing the boot
flag from the partition seems to have stopped the invalid block device
message.  Now, I can run all of the e2 utlities including e2fsck (which
returns a clean bill of health), but it still won't mount.  It's giving me
the this message consistently "mount: /dev/hde1 already mounted or
/mnt/tmp_dir busy".  One other thing that I noticed was that qtparted is
throwing an error message that says "Error: File system has an
incompatible feature enabled."  Regular parted and fdisk do not seem to
produce the error.

And the strangest part of all is that it continues to mount fine outside
of FC5.

-- Brian

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