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Re: Aprox 55 failed http and DVD installs of FC5 with kernel panics

Les Mikesell wrote:

To be honest, I just want a stable linux workstation, I'd much prefer it to be FC5, but that looks unlikely at the moment.

A current fedora version rarely fits any definition of 'stable',
although you seem to have some peculiar hardware issue.

While I know what you mean, this is the first time I've been unable to install on this hardware, what I want is as close to cutting edge with as much stability as possible.

Fedora (and RedHat 3-9 before it) usually offers what I consider to be a nice compromise... every now again things come unstuck, but they usually get put back in place pretty quickly too.

If you don't mind somewhat out of date apps (approx. FC3 vintage
with updates), Centos 4.3 is about as stable as you'll find:
and installation and administration style matches fedora.

I'm a full time user of RHEL at work, so I know about the various rebuild projects out there, but they're really not current enough for me... hence looking towards ubuntu which I've used before.

The pity of it for me is I'm willing to do as much debug and rebuilding as it takes to get this working for the future, but I don't have the coding skills to get it done on my own... and I understand that compared to other issues that the developers have to deal with my issue is pretty small fry.

I'm going to try a few more things (moving cards etc) but I'm reaching the point where I really do need a working linux distro back on this hardware...



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