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Re: ACPI and hotplug issues on a Dell laptop

I have a Dell Latitude L400 and the fan doesn't seem to work with
ACPI. It does with apm.

You mentioned that there was two settings for acpi? Any idea how I
would track down this problem?


On 5/3/06, Richard Pickett <Richard Pickett csrtechnologies com> wrote:
> > /etc/acpi/events/hibernate.conf
> > event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000001
> > action=/usr/sbin/pm-hibernate
> >
> > /etc/acpi/events/false-hibernate.conf
> > event=button/sleep\ SBTN\ 00000080\ 00000002
> > action=/bin/true
> [snip]
> Funny. It's like if you were pressing it twice quickly :-\. Good that
> you've
> found a workaround, anyway!

Yeah, I think that last number is the state. I've noticed I can program
the lid the same way. With the lid a 1 is closed with power, 2 is opened
with power, 3 is closed with battery and I haven't seen a 4.

So my guess is with the sleep key a 1 is "down" and a 2 is "up" it just
queues the "up" until after the down has been processed and since the
"down" puts it to sleep the "up" doesn't get processed until it comes
back on, at which time if I don't catch the "up" like I do (by just
calling a no-op program like true) the acpi defaults to the old sleep
behavior which doesn't store the state correctly.

Anyway, like you said, at least it's working.

I'll start a new thread with my usb problems. The usb isn't that big of
an issue because the pcmcia works fine and I have a Xircom pcmcia that
I've been using instead of the usb.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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