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Re: Procmail battles

Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> writes:

> How do you receive your email, i.e. how does it end up going through > procmail?

An excellent question ... and I'm not sure, which may be the crux of
the problem.  I was under the impression that sendmail, as it is
configured to use procmail, would process ~/.procmailrc when it
delivered mail to /var/spool/mail/pmr.  Now I'm thinking that that is
not necessarily the case.  Can you confirm?  Meanwhile I will see if
there is an option in sendmail.mc that causes procmail to ignore
~/.procmailrc ...

Sendmail is configured to use procmail out of the box for local delivery, but not everyone receives mail using sendmail - some use fetchmail to grab mail from their ISP mail server for instance.

The option in sendmail.mc for procmail delivery is:


If you have this, local delivery should be via procmail.

> Check for sensible (e.g. not group or world writeable permissions on > your home directory or .procmailrc).


OK, let's see. What's the output of:

$ ls -ld / /home /home/pmr /home/pmr/.procmailrc

 > Try adding:
> > LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/procmail.log


 > to your ~/.procmailrc after the MAILDIR=/home/pmr/mail line.
> > Then look in /home/pmr/mail/procmail.log after a delivery attempt.

No joy.

The mail goes straight to /var/spool/mail/pmr still? Nothing unusual in /var/log/maillog?


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