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Re: FTPd recommendation?

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 05:53 -0800, Noah wrote:
> What are people using for their ftpd these days?   I am looking for something
> easy to initiailize, configure, and is very secure.

vsftpd is very easy to configure, very lightweight, among the fastest if
not the fastest, and extremely secure. It is the default FTP server in
Fedora, works out of the box in most cases. It's native security,
already very impressive, is boosted on Fedora by the fact that it has
its own SELinux policy which further restricts the ways things can go
wrong with this service. (*)

ProFTPD is very powerful and flexible. Think of it as "the Apache of FTP

PureFTPd is somewhere in between - has some of the power of ProFTPD
while being almost as good from a security standpoint as vsftpd.

There are countless others, but these are the ones I've most experience
with. Read up, do some research, think of your actual needs and make
your own decision.

(*) - probably the most common issue with vsftpd on Fedora is that some
people need to allow it to access home directories (for people who login
with their username over FTP) but forget that SELinux by default
prevents it to do that. The cure is simple:

setsebool -P ftp_home_dir 1

If you don't need vsftpd to access home dirs (the server only provides
anonymous access) then don't run setsebool.

To see which other SELinux variables might be related to FTP, do this:

getsebool -a | grep ftp

Florin Andrei


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