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Dealing with 94 rpmnew files on new FC4 install after yum update

I have just installed FC4 on a new PC and ran yum update. The yum update created 94 .rpmnew files. Most of these end with .conf.rpmnew and the others end with /config/xxxxx.rpmnew.

I understand these to be application configuration files that were not installed by yum because there may have been local customizations. In normal circumstances, I should review each .rpmnew file against its counterpart and determine if if the configuration files can be swapped by renaming or if the .rpmnew file must first be edited. However, at least a few of the .rpmnew files seem to be binary and I do not know the function of each application that has an .rpmnew file.

Because this is a new installation (I have customized my monitor settings and made a static IP address), a guess is that I just want all the .rpmnew files installed -- and maybe the existing files renamed to .rpmold just in case. Is there an installation option that I missed or is there a cleanup script somewhere to deal with this problem? Would use of smart (or apt) instead of yum have resulted in fewer problems?


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