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Re: Dealing with 94 rpmnew files on new FC4 install after yum update

Hi Roger!

El Jueves, 4 de Mayo de 2006 18:13, Roger escribio:
> Because this is a new installation (I have customized my monitor
> settings and made a static IP address), a guess is that I just want all
> the .rpmnew files installed -- and maybe the existing files renamed to
> .rpmold just in case.  

Maybe you can use a bash-script to do that... Something like:
for file in $(find / -name '*.rpmnew'); do
    cp ${file/rpmnew} ${file/rpmnew/rpmold} ; # to do the backup
    mv $file ${file/rpmnew};                  # to use the .rpmnew

> Is there an installation option that I missed or 
> is there a cleanup script somewhere to deal with this problem?  

I suggest that you check rpm(1) manual for that.
I think there is an option that says --noscript, but I'm not so sure if that 
will get rid of EVERY scripts and not only the ones that manage the .rpmnew 

> Would use of smart (or apt) instead of yum have resulted in fewer
> problems? 

The use of one of that tools it's in a higher level. The problem that you 
had (in strictly rigor it's not a problem, it's the way it works) is a rpm 


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