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Re: Asterisk and AMP RPM's (was: limits.conf: howto set core file size?)

On Friday, May 05, 2006 1:27 AM +0200 Patrick <fedora puzzled xs4all nl> wrote:

Iirc AMP is called FreePBX these days. See
I'm not aware of an rpm version but if you get the Aterisk Home iso it
will install it for you (caution: it can wipe your disk). Think there
are several posts on the asterisk mailinglist on the "integrate
AMP/FreePBX with Asterisk" subject. One solution was to stick the apache
user and asterisk user in the same group. Maybe voip-info.org has the
scoop how to do it if the FreePBX site doesn't.

You're correct, but note that the mailing list still carries the "AMP" stamp.

I believe Asterisk Home is more of a complete distro that's designed to be a turn-key solution, and isn't so suitable for installing on top of an existing server.

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