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Re: Odd messages during bootup from gdm

Gene Heskett wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:

I'd suggest relabelling the system before trying anything else. This will take a long time so schedule it at an appropriate time.

Set SELinux to permissive mode, reboot, and in the grub menu add "autorelabel" to the end of the "kernel" line.

After rebooting you can change SELinux back to enforcing mode if that's the setting you had before.

That will probably fix most of the AVC issues you're seeing.


Ok, thats next, I can answer the rest of this mail after thats done. Thanks :)

Unforch, the append on the kernel line of grub.conf did nothing. so I read the manpage again, and "touch /.autorelabel" is the magic spell. Back in a bit...

Except that 4 reboots later I have not succeeded in getting the relabel to work. I've tried SELINUX=disabled and SELINUX=permissive in /etc/selinux/config while leaving the SELINUXTYPE=targeted setting.

So what actually is the magic incantation that will make this work? Your method was ignored, and the manpages method is also being ignored, or is wrong. ISTR the touch /.autorelabel did work once, and the /.autorelabel was auto-removed, but is not now. It still exists right now.
[root diablo /]# ls -l /.autorelabel
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 May  4 21:13 /.autorelabel

Cheers, Gene

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