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Re: Unofficial Fedora FAQ Updated for Fedora Core 5

On 5/4/06, Max Kanat-Alexander <max_list fedorafaq org> wrote:
        Hi! Hello! Good day! :-) The Unofficial Fedora FAQ has been updated for
Fedora Core 5! As always, you can find the FAQ at:


        This was a HUGE update, which involved re-writing the instructions for
almost every question.

        Now we have working instructions for yum, nVidia cards, ATI cards, NTFS
drives, and much, much more.

        In addition, I added two totally new questions:

        - How can I help out the Fedora Project?
        - How do I play DVDs in Fedora?

        As always, I really like your feedback! Feel free to send me your
contributions! I'm always looking out for what questions are really
frequently asked by the Fedora community.


A pleasure to e-meet you dude. Great service you provide. I have been
installing Fedora since FC1, and I still find it easier to just head
over to fedorafaq.org for quick commands (copy `n paste)

As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.

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