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Re: <Left-Alt>-<Shift> different from <Right-Alt>-<Shift> in Emacs on FC5

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 08:41:18PM -0500, Erwin J. Prinz wrote:
> All:
> In a fully upgraded Fedora Core 5, when running Emacs in the graphical 
> (Gnome) environment, <Right-Alt><Shift> works as expected, but 
> <Left-Alt><Shift> just acts like <Shift>. This is true both for the GUI 
> emacs and "emacs -nw" in a terminal.
> Conversely, in runlevel 3 (tty) <Left-Alt><Shift> works as expected, 
> equal to <Right-Alt><Shift>.
> Does anyone know how to get back to the default in the Gnome environment?

System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layout Options -> Alt/Win Key
Behavior -> Alt and Meta are on the Alt Keys.

Be warned: it is senile. I have filed a bug on it, 189120, but no-one
has yet accepted it.


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