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Re: scim chinese input under non GB2312 locale

Hi Ed,

Login as "satimis", Chinese input on KDE under English locale is NOW
working without running;


[Ctrl]+[Space] - swiching English/Chinese input
[Ctrl]+[Shift] - toggling input methods

input methods commonly used are working (haven't tested all of them)

Would it be "reboot" taking effect, just starting the PC?

Anyway tks again for your advice.


> > The situation is more less the same as while I ran FC2/FC3, about 1
> and
> > half years ago.  Chinese input on Gnome was possible.  Chinese
> input on
> > KDE was unstable.  Sometime I made it work on Kedit, OOWriter,
> Mozilla,
> > etc.  Another time they failed.  I tried some times without a
> > breakthrough.
> What I would do is the following....
> 1.  Login as yourself "satimis".
> 2.  In a terminal "su -" (don't forget the -) to root.
> 3.  Create a totally new user.  (I normally just use the "adduser"
> command).  For my example I use "testcn".
> 4.  Then "su - testcn".  At that point do the:
> mkdir ~/.xinput.d
> cd ~/.xinput.d
> ln -s /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim default
> procedure.  Do NOT modify any other files.
> 5.  Then logout totally from your "satimis" account.
> 6.  Make sure you select "Gnome" as your session and login as testcn.
> Again, do not modify any files, do any extra environment settings or
> anything.
> 7.  Bring up gnome-terminal and test various input methods.  *IF*
> that
> works fine.  Then, logout, and login again selecting KDE as the
> session.
> I think I asked you what is in your /etc/sysconfig/desktop file...but
> you didn't say.
> Ed

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