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umounting detatchable media in FC5


A  USB issue with FC5 (fresh install on a 64 bit AMD). Logged in as a regular user, using the KDE desktop. Connect a USB drive. It automounts and I get the nice icon on the desktop. From the icon I can "safely remove" or (after "safely removing") "mount" the drive.

Can't do either from the command line. umount tells me I'm not root, and mount fails because the device isn't listed anywhere I know of.

Yes, I could probably spend 4 hours reading http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html, and then another hour reading up on sysf, but geez, it shouldn't take all day and mastery of two subsystems to learn how to (u)mount a drive from the command line, especially when the disto includes GUI commands for the same action!

Can you kindly give the ½ hour tutorial version? Here's my very vauge and probably wrong outline, posed as questions:

do I add a line for each detatchable media to my fstab file? Could you give me an example line for a thumbdrive that automounts as "/media/CORSAIR"?

Could you give me an example udev rule that would put this drive where fstab says it should go?

Where do I put this udev rule? Does it go in its own file, or is there a system-wide file?

It looks like I have to run udevstart after changing the rules. Correct?



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